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Autism strikes about 1 in every 88 children. As the mother of one of them, I feel it's important to draw attention to this nearly invisible disability. My son was once called "spoiled" during a meltdown in public, but rather than be angry at the person's rush to judgment, I would rather educate the many people who don't recognize autism when they see it. The China Doll by D.M. Rosner

In addition to designing many of the products you'll find on this website, I have also written a book for children in grades K-3, to help teach them about their peers with autism. Through the story of a girl who receives a very special doll, The China Doll shows children that differences often hide wonderful surprises.

1 in 88 means there are a lot of people coping with autism. If you're one of them, I hope you will find this site useful and will help educate others. If autism hasn't yet touched your life, it most likely will in some way--in fact, maybe it has already and you didn't even realize it. Maybe that quiet girl who wouldn't look you in the eye was more than simply shy; maybe that screaming boy wasn't really spoiled after all.

Maybe it was autism.

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